Starting in 1999 at the age of 14, he soon breaks through into the nightclub scene and defines himself as an Electronic Music DJ. From that point forward with time and experience acquired by spinning at a local and national level, he DJs at the country’s most popular and relevant events and nightclubs, little by little playing at an international level in countries like Colombia, the US (Miami), and Aruba.

He constantly produces events and is starting to produce his own music. His tracks have been signed to a variety of record labels and played by the world’s most renown DJs such as Roger Sanchez, DJ Vibe, DJ chus. Oscar G, Eduardo Javith. He has collaborated with many more of the world’s best DJs in various projects and opportunities on the copyrighted CD “VENEZUELA ELECTRÓNICA.”

He collaborates with different “Crews” from Venezuela like ”ELITE GROUP VENEZUELA”, “APOSTOLES DEL HOUSE”, "BOOGIE NIGHTS", "MAS FUNK", among others. In the era when voting for Venezuela’s Top djs was made popular by websites such as, he frequently ranked in the top spots.

Since 2011 he spins at a national level (Venezuela), on the 24th and 31st of December for the most prestigious radio shows in Venezuela, such as “LA MEGA” on the “UNION RADIO” station.

Towards the end of 2012 he creates “ELITE GROUP VENEZUELA,” an organization dedicated to expanding the horizons of frontier that was previously blazed in a more consolidated manner, offering as services: DJ Agency, Audio-Visual Production for events, and a Radio Show on the station “LA MEGA” 91.9 FM under the “ELITE GROUP RADIO” program. And that’s how year after year he keeps launching and wrapping up an array of projects, recently being more driven by and dedicated to this organization, he still maintains every other facet of DJ/PRODUCER totally active.

n 2013 just after a short break to finish his university studies, he re-emerged playing at Venezuela’s biggest “FestivalSC,” continuing to Aruba to complete a tour of events, local clubs, and brand names.

From 2014 to the present, he creates his “NB SESSIONS” a music subscription to his sessions through the renown PODCAST and SOUNDCLOUD systems, available on iTunes, smart phones and other platforms, also each year releasing tracks of his own in 2014 “AMENECER” and 2015 “HEY KID” available on all of the biggest digital music stores, such as the iTunes Store and


*Nono Belune - Island Madness (Original & Javith Mix) (Music Over Life & Vzla Electronica Vol.3) - 2009
*Nono Belune - Wtfit (Original & Drum Movement Mix) (Overskin) - 2009
*Angelo, Nicosia - Free Your Mind (Nono Belune & Luigi Daniell) (Overskin) - 2009
*Nono Belune - Abrecamino (Original,Dub & Luis Caballero Mix) (Oceanic) - 2010
*Nono Belune - What the fuck is this (Lu Geremine Mix) (Elite) - 2010
*Nono Belune - Mi son (Original, Dub & Javith Mix) (Session Trax) - 2010
*Nono Belune & Luigi Daniell - Be Yourself (Original, Javith, Erick Harary Mix) (Session Trax) - 2011
*Nono Belune - Margarita Angels (Original) (Vzla Electronica Vol.4) - 2011
*Nono Belune & Mauro C - Amanecer (Original, Don Nadie, Eduardo Javith, Luis Borges, Ruben Amaya Mixes) (Culturas Records) - 2014
*Nono Belune & Ram - Hey Kid (Original, Eduardo Javith, Pedro Gil, Ruben Amaya & Tony Merola, Socko, Luis Caballero, JJJeferson, Mixes) (Inprogresso Records) - 2015